Bols Cucumber


Bols Cucumber has a mild yet highly recognisable cucumber flavour. Bols Cucumber liqueur tastes like crisp and clean refreshing cucumber and adds a splash of green freshness to any cocktail. Bols Cucumber is crafted with natural botanicals.

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With its herbal and sweet notes, Bols Cucumber is an unexpectedly delicious ingredient for a wide range of cocktails. For example the Cucumber and Tonic, a great replacement for a standard gin & tonic with less alcohol. 

Bols Cucumber liqueur also works great for a Cucumber Gimlet or a Cucumber Mojito. Check out all of our cocktail recipes at the Cocktail Recipe page!

Bols Cucumber liqueur won the Gold award during the World Liqueur Awards 2018!


Crisp and refreshing cucumber


Fresh, slight citrus notes






Light green

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