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Bols Red Light Negroni Tubes

The bitter, sweet, and herbal tones are perfectly balanced in our Bols Red Light Negroni cocktail. Just chill, pour and garnish and you are ready to enjoy!


This product contains 4 Tubes of each 200ML, serving 1 to 2 cocktails each. 

200ML - 21.9%

Red Light Negroni tasting notes

Our Bols Red Light Negroni is an ode to two cultures. Mixing the original Italian Negroni cocktail with a little bit of Amsterdam by adding our Bols Genever Original. This makes the Bols Red Light Negroni bittersweet and beautifully complex with malty, sweet and fruity notes.

Create the cocktail

Create the cocktail

Bols Red Light Negroni

Cool - the cocktail tube
Pour – the Bols Red Light Negroni into a rocks
Garnish – with an orange zest on the rim of the glass

Create some magic with our 200ML cocktail tubes, filled with a ready to enjoy Bols Red Light Negroni. Each cocktail tube contains 1 to 2 cocktails, served best a rocks glass over ice. Garnish your Bols Red Light Negroni with an orange zest for the finishing touch.

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