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Bols Pornstar Martini Multi

This fruity and exotic cocktail is loved by all. The Bols Pornstar Martini steps in those big shoes and doesn't disappoint to really lighten up the mood.


This cocktail bottle contains 700ML which serves up 6 to 7 cocktails!

700ML - 14.9%

Experience the taste

This fruity and fresh cocktail is a real party starter. The soft and gentle of the vanilla with the sweet character of the passion fruit makes this a well balanced cocktail. The prosecco is 'icing on the cake' and brings that finishing touch.Garnish it with half a passionfruit and watch the festivities unfold.

Serving tips

Serving tips

Bols Pornstar Martini

1 Martini glass - Pre chilled glass

1 Pour – Bols Pornstar Martini

Passion fruit – Add half a passion fruit

Our magical cocktail bottle of 700 ML contains 6 to 7 cocktails. By serving in a pre chilled glass, your Pornstar Martini will stay cool longer. The finishing touch with half the passionwill make the cocktail like served in a high end hotel bar. For the cocktail passionates, add a shot of prosecco next to your Pornstar Martini.


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