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Bols Pornstar Martini Multi

This fruity and exotic cocktail is loved by all. The Bols Pornstar Martini steps in those big shoes and doesn't disappoint to really lighten up the mood. Serve a fantastic Pornstar Martini in an instant with this ready to enjoy cocktail in our newest bottle!


This cocktail bottle contains 700ML, which serves 6 to 7 cocktails.

700ML - 14.9%

Pornstar Martini tasting notes

Fresh, fruity, and exotic. The combination of vanilla and passion fruit makes the Bols Pornstar Martini a true party-starter. Garnish with half a passion fruit and finish with a shot of prosecco. After this, you can sit back with your cocktail in your hand and see how the party unfolds.

Create the cocktail

Create the cocktail

Bols Pornstar Martini

Cool - the cocktail bottle and a martini glass
Pour – the Bols Pornstar Martini into the glass
Garnish – with half a passion fruit

With our new cocktail bottle of 700ML, you serve multiple delicious cocktails in an instant. Pour the Bols Pornstar Martini in pre-chilled glasses, to keep your cocktail cool longer. The garnish and the shot prosecco bring some extra magic, so you can optimally enjoy your Bols Pornstar Martini.

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