Bols Bartending Academy

The Bols Bartending Academy is your best bet when it comes to bartending & cocktails. With over 10 years of experience and having trained tens of thousands of bartenders worldwide in our bartending school in Amsterdam, our award-winning trainers teach you everything you need to know about how to become a bartender and how to kickstart your bartending career successfully!

Online Bartending Courses

Choose your online bartender journey and study cocktails and bartending online in your own time at your own pace. This in-depth online bartender course is designed by our master bartenders, together with learning experts. It teaches you all the theory behind bartending, spirit production, and many more.

Amsterdam Bartending Courses

Check out all the bartender courses we host in our Amsterdam bartending school the Bols Bartending Academy. We offer a wide range of bartending courses for every level, from beginners to true mixologists and bar managers. Come to Amsterdam to learn from the best and to enjoy the beautiful historic city!

Bols Cocktail Events

To spread our love and knowledge about cocktails and bartending all over the world, we organise international cocktail events. During these events, we tell you all the global and local trends in bartending, cocktails, and spirits. Click here for more info!

Bar Event Calendar

Not only do we host bartending events, we like to visit them too! Check out the bar event calendar to see when and where you can meet our master bartenders as well as other inspiring international bartenders from around the world.

International Partner Schools

The Bols Bartending Academy has partnered up with some of the leading bartending schools in the world to host Bols Bartending Academy certified courses.

Our cocktail experts sharing their tips & tricks

Do you want to get inspired? Our Bols Bartending Academy trainers write inspiring blogs. Topics such as coffee cocktails, how to avoid bartending injuries, interviews with the world's leading bartenders, amazing stories about classic cocktails, and much, much more. Get inspired!

Why Bols Bartending Academy?

The Bols Bartending Academy in Amsterdam is your best bet when it comes to cocktail and bartending courses. With over 10 years of experience and having trained tens of thousands of bartenders worldwide, our Master Bartenders in our bartending school in Amsterdam teach you everything you need to know to kickstart your bartending career successfully. And the Bols Bartending Academy is the only SVH certified bar school. This means that all our bartender courses meet the requirements set by the SVH for its partners as a training institute for the hospitality industry.

At the Bols Bartending Academy, we offer a wide range of bartending courses. From an easy to follow One Day bartending course to the more mixology-focused Master Bartender course. Are you a bar manager? Then you should definitely choose the International Bar Management course. Not only will we welcome you in our bartending school in Amsterdam, which is equipped with 12 bar stations, the Bols Bartending Academy is one of the few bartending schools that also offers online bartender courses for you to study bartending, mixology, spirits, and cocktails at home.

Are you looking for a bartender school in the heart of Amsterdam, that teaches you everything about how to become a bartender? Book a course at the Bols Bartending Academy!

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Let's meet the trainers

Tyron Francisca

Tyron Francisca is the senior trainer of the Bols Bartending Academy. Tyron started bartending in 2007, originally as a bartender and later as bar manager. He has participated in several flair and cocktail competitions. He loves to share his passion for cocktails and bartending and as senior trainer dedicated to take the hospitality industry to a higher level.

Ivar de Lange

Ivar de Lange started bartending in 1996. In 2008 he decided to open his own cocktail bar. Both with the bar and as a bartender, Ivar has won many awards, competitions and accolades. He has been named Hollands’ Best Bartender by his colleagues. Ivar manages the Bols Bartending Academy and is involved in the cocktail developments in all the markets.

Not only do our trainers have a lot of international bar experience, they have participated in leading presentation, management, bartending and drink expertise courses of the trade as well. Since the opening in April 2007, the trainers at the Bols Bartending Academy have trained over 20.000 bartenders from all over the world.