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Bartending Courses with discount

The Bols Bartending Academy is back in business! That's why we now offer reduced prices on all our bartending courses! Check out our courses below and book now.

Bartending Courses

Why Bols Bartending Academy?

The Bols Bartending Academy in Amsterdam is your best bet when it comes to knowledge in the world of bartending & cocktails. With over 10 years of experience and having trained tens of thousands of bartenders worldwide, our award-winning trainers teach you everything you need to know to kickstart your bartending career successfully. And the Bols Bartending Academy is the only SVH certified bar school.

At the Bols Bartending Academy, we offer a wide range of bartending courses. From an easy to follow One Day bartending course to the more mixology-focused Master Bartender course and much more. Not only will we welcome you in our bartending academy, which is equipped with 12 bar stations, the Bols Bartending Academy is one of the few bartending schools that also offers an extensive e-learning program for you to study bartending, mixology, spirits, and cocktails at home.

Do you want to become a bartender? Then you should definitely book a course at the Bols Bartending Academy!

Online bartending with e-learning

An important part of the Advanced Bartending course and Master Bartender course is e-learning. Together with learning experts and -scientists and our Bols Bartending team, we have developed state-of-the-art online bartending course modules. 

E-learning works with fun and interactive brain snacks. This gives you the opportunity to learn even more about bartending, mixology, cocktails and spirits, and this all in your own time and space. Our e-learning module works on all devices.