International Partner Schools

The Bols Bartending Academy is a globally recognized academy with partner schools all over the world. We collaborate with bartending schools to maintain the high standard we guarantee at the Bols Bartending Academy. These partner schools are fully equipped and trained by the Bols Master Bartenders and providing high-quality service for the education and training of bartenders all over the world.



SERV came to life from a genuine realization about the Mauritian market – that bartenders and bar owners had a need for an enriched perspective, and the craft itself deserved a professionalized edge. SERV’ Bartending Academy, is a nurturing hub dedicated to refining skills and broadening horizons. The very first of its kind in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region. SERV' Bartender Academy, Mauritius first bartender academy, serves as a hub for passionate bartenders. Their goal is clear: to assist individuals in becoming confident and proficient bartenders, regardless of their initial expertise. Combining hands-on experience with theoretical understanding, the academy creates an environment that fosters development. It is dedicated to bridging the gap between tradition and modern practices, offering training that exceeds the fundamentals.

SERV Bartending Academy Mauritius


Flair Academy Milano is a bartending school founded in 2003 in Milano, Italy. Since 2012 we have been an institution accredited by the Lombardy Region, which guarantees our high quality standards related to course programs and classrooms. Based in Milan, Flair Academy is nowadays one of the most renowned academy in Italy. IG : flairacademymilano FB : Flair Academy

Flair Academy Milano


In 2015, Quality Academy Bergamo - a branch of Quality Events - was founded with the aim of training ordinary people and turning them into successful bartenders. The Bartender School, based in Bergamo, offers several courses: Basic Barman Course, ideal for beginners who want to launch themselves into the world of Beverage; Flair Course, ideal for people who want to add an acrobatic and spectacular working method to their bartending skills; Mixologist Course, ideal for people who want to learn product quality to enhance their mixing potential and drinking experience. Coffee and Latte Art course, ideal for people attracted by the world of coffee and who want to become participants as well as real espresso and cappuccino artists, and much more.

Quality Academy Bergamo

Castelli Romani

Pib (Professional Italian Bartender) Since its opening in 2014, PIB Castelli Romani has been organising professional training courses for barmen and bartenders in Ariccia, in the heart of the Castelli Romani. Divided into theory and practice, the lessons aim to train students, making them masters of different techniques, recipes and methods of working and constructing cocktails. The courses we offer are: Basic Bartender, Craft, Mixology & Homemade Techniques, Approach to Coffee, Approach to Wine, Approaching Beer. The training courses follow the trends in mixed drinks with the collaboration of the best MIXOLOGISTs on the international scene. IG: @pib_barschool

Professional Italian Bartender


The Becoming Barman School , based in Florence, was founded in 2012 by Matteo Finocchiaro and has been a point of reference in the sector for years. It was born with this 'vision', to give all the tools and means necessary to become an excellent barman with the possibility of entering the world of work immediately extremely well prepared, enjoying 'the journey' and living an unforgettable experience. IG: @becomingbarmanschool

Becoming Barman School


Flair Bartender's School , in more than 20 years of experience, has trained 20,000 students, supported them in their first steps into the world of work through internships and collaborations in venues, and followed their stories of career and success. Thanks to qualified teachers, FBS makes the dreams of many young people come true. FBS courses are held in Rome, Latina and Naples. We update our course programs every year, just as we update ourselves in the world of events, bar culture and the evolution of recipes and tastes. The bar, cafeteria, barman and flair courses are open to a maximum of 6 people. The limited number of participants guarantees, on the one hand, that the lessons are conducted in total safety and, on the other hand, that the training is of excellence and that there is a direct relationship between students and trainers. IG : @Fbs_Bartender_School

Flair Bartender's School