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Get introduced in the dazzling world of cocktails and bartending in this one day cocktail course.

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About the course

The Master Bartender Course consists of 2 days at the Bols Cocktail Academy where you will be able to step outside your comfort zone, experiment with new ingredients and learn how to present and create your own signature cocktails. Get out your most creative, experimental inner mixologist and learn how to create cocktails at an international level. In the master bartender course we prepare you for a career in the world leading cocktail bars and an award winning bartending career.

Advanced cocktail making techniques

During this bartending course you get to know the master bartending skills that will wow your guests in any high-end cocktail bar.


This online bartending course module provides you with the materials to study and refine your knowledge in your own time and space.

Advanced Spirit Tasting

You will learn how to use the WSET systematic approach to spirit tasting and become an expert in professional spirit tasting. This in depth knowledge on spirit tasting will help you create amazing cocktails and advice your guests to the best possible spirit choice.

Homemade Ingredients

You will learn how to make different cocktail ingredients like syrups, shrubs, bitters, fermentations and homemade vermouths. Get creative and step outside your comfort zone!

Bartender Body Language

You will get a better understanding in how your body language can influence those around you. Body language is super in your job as a bartender, and to be successful at cocktail competitions. Winning international cocktail competitions can open doors for you as a bartender and can make you travel the world.

Advanced Mixology

When creating your own signature cocktails, an in-depth knowledge of mixology can take your drinks to the next level. Processes like balance, synergy and dilution are key to creating a good cocktail.

It does:

Learn the most popular cocktails

Teaches you everything about the most used distilled spirits

Teaches you how to be a professional bartender

Explains how to create your own signature cocktails.

This course is for everyone that:

wants to study in their own pace, wherever they want

likes to learn the basics of a professional bartender in a fun and interactive way

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