International Bar Management Course

€ 415.00

Learn everything about running and owning a successful bar.

Two day course

The course is in English

Located in Amsterdam

Get a Bols Cocktail Academy certificate

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About the course

This intensive 2 day management course teaches you everything you need to know to obtain a bar management position in any hospitality establishment and gives you the tools you need to open your own bar. The course is carefully designed to improve day to day bar management activities as well as to increase business drivers for your bar.

The International Bar Management certificate serves as an outstanding qualification on your CV or portfolio. Graduates receive an internationally recognized certificate.

Job of a Bar Manager

We start the course by looking at all the responsibilities of a bar manager. What does it mean to be a bar manager, how do you successfully negotiate your manager responsibilities and how do you successfully execute your manager duties.

Bar Operations

How do you run a day to day bar? From ordering – and managing stock to guest interaction, everything is covered.

Marketing and Finance

How do you draw attention to your bar and how do you manage a financially healthy operation. How do you successfully create a marketing strategy for your bar that not only draws attention to your bar but revenue as well.

Staff Management & HR

Your staff is the heart of your bar. How do you keep them happy, let them function at the highest efficiency and productivity while looking after their health and safety.

Cocktail Menu Design

How do you create extra revenue and profibility by designing your menu in an efficient way.

And every topic to successfully manage or own a bar.

This course will help you to become a successful bar manager or -owner

Learn about the finance of a successful bar

Learn what it takes to be a good bar manager

Marketing and sales

What does it mean to run a successful team

How to run a profitable bar

This course is for everyone that:

Wants to make the next step in their hospitality career

Wants to open their own bar or restaurant

Owns a bar and wants to develop as a bar owner

Manages a bar and wants to develop as a bar manager

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Your instructor: Ivar de Lange

Ivar de Lange started bartending in 1996. In 2008 he decided to open his own cocktail bar. Both with the bar and as a bartender, Ivar has won many awards, competitions and accolades. He has been named Hollands’ Best Bartender by his colleagues. Ivar manages the Bols Global Education Program and is involved in the cocktail developments in all the markets.

Award Winning Bartender