Bols Elderflower


Bols Elderflower is a clear liqueur made from honey-scented blossoms of the elder tree, also called the Sambucus nigra. Bols Elderflower liqueur is a fresh and floral liqueur, crafted with natural botanicals.

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The Elder tree blooms in early summer with crisp and somewhat juicy flowers giving Bols Elderflower a really fresh and fragrant flavor. The pleasant aroma and full bouquet of this elderflower liqueur capture the feeling of a beautiful summer day.

This elderflower liqueur has the perfect balance of sweetness, taste and alcohol content. It is the ideal ingredient for famous cocktails such as the Elderflower Spritz and the Elderflower Collins and is also delicious over ice or served long with tonic water. 

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Fresh and floral flavour with a very subtle citrus finish


Full bouquet of honey scented elder blossoms






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