Damrak Virgin


Free shipping on all orders above €50,- within the Netherlands. Hello fitboy, fitgirl, designated driver or anyone else who wants to enjoy an alcohol-free cocktail. Meet Damrak Virgin! 0% alcohol, 100% flavour. And that's a promise.

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It wasn't easy to create a fantastic non-alcoholic drink, without losing the unique Damrak taste. But we wouldn’t be a real Amsterdammer if we stopped trying. And we did it! Distilled from 10 botanicals and coming from our small yet mighty distillery in the heart of Amsterdam, we present you this amazing alcohol-free Damrak Virgin.

Damrak Virgin still has that pronounced citrus character. By using the best Curaçao orange peels Damrak Virgin is unmistakable refreshing.

So, get your biggest wine glass (or Damrak Gin glass) en fill it with ice. Add 1 part Damrak Virgin and 2 parts tonic. Garnish with two or more orange slices and enjoy a delicious Gin Tonic without having to fear the hangover.

Do you prefer having a little stock at home? Try our 3-pack Damrak Virgin


Citrus-forward classic gin-inspired flavour with pronounced orange and refreshing lemon


Dominating fresh citrus, pronounced juniper berry and coriander, floral notes of lavender







Damrak Gin


Damrak Gin 3-pack


Damrak Virgin 3-pack


Damrak Virgin Cocktail Package