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Bols Pornstar Martini

Exotic, fresh and a little promiscuous. Passion fruit prevails in this vibrant martini, but you’ll find it has a spunky side too. Loves to dance, so give it a good shake. Seduce it with a fancy glass and let your hand show it off. 

Experience the taste

This fruity and fresh cocktail is a real party starter. The soft and gentle of the vanilla with the sweet character of the passion fruit makes this a well balanced cocktail. The prosecco is 'icing on the cake' and brings that finishing touch.Garnish it with half a passionfruit and watch the festivities unfold.

Serving tips

Serving tips

Bols Pornstar Martini

1 Tube – Bols Pornstar Martini
1 Fruit – Passion fruit

Shake the tube for 10 seconds and serve over ice in a martini glass. Garnish with a half passion fruit.


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