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Bols Natural Yoghurt

Fresh yet creamy, with the beautiful and lightly sweet flavor of natural yogurt. This unique liqueur is made from high-quality fermented Dutch milk and blended with the perfect amount of water, alcohol and sugar. Bols Natural Yoghurt is undoubtedly one of our most innovative expressions is a pleasant surprise in cocktails to create at home.

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Creamy White



Fresh Yoghurt




Bols Natural Yoghurt Cocktail Ideas

Albino Grasshopper Cocktail Recipe with Bols Natural Yoghurt and Cacao White Products

Albino Grasshopper

White as snow, flavourful as a classic grasshopper! A great after-dinner cocktail with the perfect balance of Bols Cacao White...
Mango Lassi Cocktail Recipe with Bols Mango and Natural Yoghurt Products

Mango Lassi

Inspired by the classic Indian drink Lassi, we put Bols Mango liqueur, Bols Natural Yoghurt liqueur and fresh mango in...
Mud Slide Cocktail Recipe with Bols Cacao Brown and Natural Yoghurt Products

Mud Slide

The Mud Slide is a creamy and indulgent treat. Bols Natural Yoghurt's velvety texture pairs beautifully with the rich flavors...