These Cocktails will Get You Spring Feels!

Spring is around the corner which means sunny days are coming! What comes with sunny days? Yes, cocktails and happiness! Are you in need of more cocktail inspiration for those sunny spring days with your friends or family? We have a ton of good cocktail inspiration for you, so let us introduce you to the best spring cocktails.

Spring Cocktail #1: Cucumber Mojito

If you’re in charge of making cocktails at your next spring event and have no clue what cocktail to make? You can never go wrong with a good Mojito. The Mojito is one of Cuba’s national cocktails: a national treasure and an icon of Cuban culture. Besides this, the Mojito is also one of the world’s most popular cocktails.

The story behind the Mojito has many different versions but we know for sure that the story begins in Havana. Some time around 1586 a medicinal drink made from raw sugar cane spirit, sugar, lime and mint was created. The drink was named after the famous English conqueror Sir Francis Drake, also known as Draque, Drak or Drac. The Mojito as we know, was born years later. The Draque recipe was altered to replace the aguardiente with rum. From this moment the Mojito was born.

The Mojito is a delicious spring cocktail but has an even better twist. Introducing the Cucumber Mojito. This variation on the Mojito is delicious and sweet because of the Bols Cucumber liqueur. One of our latest releases, Bols Cucumber liqueur became a bartender’s favorite liqueur right away. Not only is the Cucumber Mojito the bartender’s favorite, but also the cocktail lovers since this cocktail is very easy to make at home!

Get the full recipe of this lovely spring Cucumber Mojito here!



Spring Cocktail #2: Elderflower Margarita

The Margarita is just like the Mojito, a very famous cocktail and you probably have ordered or made this cocktail before. With the Margarita, there are tons of different variations possible. You can be very creative while making this cocktail. Perfect for a group of friends who want their own Margarita style or give your Margarita a nice spring twist.

There are different stories on how the Margarita got invented. One story told is about a distributor of a large, worldwide tequila brand based in sunny California that supposedly invented the cocktail in collaboration with a bartender in Los Angeles late 1930s. The bartender named the drink after his wife Margaret (in Spanish: Margarita). The tagline of the promotion of the drink was: “Margarita, more than a girl’s name”. True story or not? I guess we’ll never find out.

The combination of the Bols Elderflower liqueur and tequila is a match made in heaven for your next spring cocktail. All you need to add to this combination is fresh lime juice, shake it up with ice and you have your very easy and tasteful three-ingredient cocktail. Perfect to make at home or somewhere you and your friends are meeting.

Check out the full recipe of your spring Elderflower Margarita here!



Spring Cocktail #3: Woo Woo

The 1980s gave us the disco drinks: simple cocktails that were bags of fun, and quick and easy to make. Often these cocktails were made with vodka, the undisputed king of the 80s. At least 40 years later we all still like the uncomplicated but delicious cocktails. They are easy to make at home, during your spring cocktail party or any other cocktail moment! The taste of the Woo Woo will get you right into spring feels and can be drunk on any occasion. All you need is Bols Peach liqueur, Bols Vodka, Cranberry Juice and you are ready to go!

Also for the Woo Woo counts, there are different stories about the history of the cocktail. But many people believe that its birthplace was the First Edition Bar in Bayside, New York. In this bar, there wasn’t a baseball game that you couldn’t see live on the bar’s TV. Each time the New York Yankees scored a homerun the bartender would yell “woo woo” and treat his guest to a round of cocktails. This is where the Woo Woo cocktail was born. 40 years later and this cocktail is still as popular as it was in the ‘80s.

Read all about this delicious Woo Woo here!



Spring Cocktail #4: Appletini

The Appletini, short for Apple Martini, is also a perfect cocktail to get spring feels. Its freshness coming from Bols Vodka, a strong flavor of green apples from the Bols Sour Apple liqueur and a touch of fresh lemon juice is the perfect combination for a spring cocktail. You can drink this fresh cocktail always and everywhere, no boundaries!

The history line from this cocktail isn’t very long. The Appletini was born at Lola’s West Hollywood Restaurant in 1996. Since its invention, countless variations on this Apple Martini have been created. In America there was a period in the 1990s and 2000s where every cocktail served in a martini glass was called a martini immediately. It wasn’t that famous at that time. In 2010, after the Appletini was ordered and drunk in one of the most important scenes in the movie The Social Network, about the founding of Facebook, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg named the Appletini the official drink of the social media platform Facebook.

Impress your friends with the Appletini at your next get-together this Spring and they will be blown away!

Is the Appletini your next spring cocktail? Check out the recipe here!



Summarized, there are plenty of spring cocktails waiting for you! Want to have even more cocktail recipes to choose from? Check out the Bols Cocktail Gallery now!

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