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Pour the Bols Vodka and Bols Peach into a highball glass. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Top up the cocktail with cranberry juice and stir briefly. Garnish your Woo Woo with a lime wedge. Easy peasy!

  • Variation 1: Replace the Bols Vodka with Damrak Gin for a full-flavoured, slightly herbal and fruity variation on the Woo Woo cocktail. 
  • Variation 2: If you want to experiment, try replacing the Bols Peach with Bols Ginger liqueur for a unique variation on this modern disco classic.


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Master bartender note

The 1980s gave us the disco drinks: simple cocktails that were bags of fun, and quick and easy to make and the Woo Woo is one of them. This cranberry twist on the popular cocktail Fuzzy Navel with Bols Peach liqueur is a great party starter. Nowadays the Woo Woo is a world-famous cocktail!

Many people believe that the birthplace was the First Edition Bar in Bayside, New York where every baseball game played by the New York Mets was shown live. Each time the team scored a home run, the bartender would yell out “Woo Woo!” and treat his guests to a round of cocktails.

The Woo Woo isn't exactly rocket science to make. But the combination of Bols Peach and cranberry juice creates a nice fruity, sweet and sour interplay. The vodka gives the cocktail a strong backbone. It's a delicious, fast and uncomplicated cocktail that can be drunk on any occassion.

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