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Cocktail Workshop

Jump behind the bar and learn how to create the best cocktails during this Bols cocktail workshop. Guided by one of our professional bartenders you and your cocktail squad stir, muddle or shake mouthwatering drinks.

A real cocktail workshop starts with the basics. So, before getting into action you start with a tour through the House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience. This tour takes you from the Golden Age to modern times and learns you all about cocktails, genevers and liqueurs.

Now you are ready to pick up the bottles and start making your own delicious cocktails. Your private bartender teaches you to create delicious cocktails that are also easy to create at home. Don't forget to taste your drinks while creating them. It’s very important to know what you serve your guests... and yourself of course!

Want to do a quicky? Then your private bartender will learn how to make 2 lovely drinks in 30 minutes. If you have time to take it slow, go for the Superior Cocktail Workshops. Within 60 minutes you create 3 cocktails, for which you also have enough time to taste and enjoy.

Regular Cocktail Workshop: €32.50 p.p. incl. VAT
Superior Cocktail Workshop: €42.50 p.p. incl. VAT

Really want to take it to the next level? Check one of our bartending courses in our Bols Bartending Academy!

* 6 to 36 persons

* House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience, 60 min (including drinking a cocktail at the bar)

* 30 or 60 min Cocktail Workshop

* 2 or 3 cocktails during workshop

From €32.50 p.p. incl. VAT

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