It’s the reason why the Bols family started a distillery in 1575.
And by 1820 had more than 300 liqueur and spirit recipes.
It’s why we stood at the forefront of the cocktail revolution in the 19th century.
And will be leading the cocktail culture once more in the 21st.

It’s why we are dedicated to creating what’s yet to be created.
To experimenting with ingredients and finding new recipes.
And it’s why we’re ready to inspire others to do the same,
through our innovative range of products.

Flavour, the world can’t exist without it.
We love people that understand this principle.
And give the world its glow.
They bring beauty, color and soul to life,
and inspire others through their artistic and creative minds.
They mix elements into new combinations.
They create unexpected outcomes and novel expressions.
They spark, influence and provoke.
They excite your senses and put a smile on your face.

These are the people with whom we share our mission:
To add flavour.
To add flavour to the night, the party, the journey.
To the playlist and to the conversation.
To friends, to love, to life.

Add flavour to the world.

Rooted in the past, ready for the future

Lucas Bols is one of the oldest distilled spirits companies in the world. It started over 435 years ago in 1575, when the Bols family opened a small distillery in AmsterdamIn the 17th century, Amsterdambecame one of the most important trading cities in the world, importing many exotic spices, herbs and fruits. This gave Lucas Bols access to many new, high quality natural ingredients. Since then, we have mastered the selection of the right ingredients and our expertise and curiosity has led to the creation hundreds of delicious liqueurs. The original recipes are passed on from master distiller to master distiller and updated to suit contemporary tastes. 

Extracting from the finest ingredients

We carefully select our ingredients to create liqueurs that are perfect for use as cocktail ingredients. The most important ingredient of a liqueur is the flavour component. Our liqueurs are made from ingredients such as herbs, spices, seeds and fruits. For each liqueur, our master distiller defines the exact flavour characteristics of the original ingredient and uses various techniques, such as distilling, macerating and percolating, to create this specific flavour for the liqueur in such a way that it works perfectly in a cocktail.