All you need during New Year's Eve: Champagne Cocktails

All you need during New Year's Eve: Champagne Cocktails

This year turned out a little bit different than we all expected. But all we can do now is end this year with a good cocktail and hope for a better 2021!

If you are still looking for the best holiday cocktails and can’t stop searching ‘what is the best champagne cocktail’, we got you covered. We made a list with the most delicious champagne cocktail recipes you can create on New Year's Eve.

Elderflower Royale

First, there is a delicious champagne cocktail called the Elderflower Royale. This bubbly cocktail made of champagne and Bols Elderflower liqueur is a great party starter during the holidays.

For this 2-ingredient champagne cocktail, you only have to pour the champagne and Bols Elderflower liqueur in a champagne flute and garnish with a lemon twist. Your guest will be pleasantly surprised by this champagne cocktail!


Old Cuban

If we can’t travel to Cuba this winter, we have to bring Cuba to us. This mojito-inspired champagne cocktail recipe is a little bit more challenging than the Elderflower Royale, but it is definitely worth trying. The Old Cuban cocktail created with white rum, champagne, sugar syrup, lemon juice, and finally mint leaves is a great cocktail to start 2021 the right way!

Pour all ingredients, except for the champagne, into a shaker. Add ice and shake for 8 seconds. Fine strain the cocktail into a pre-chilled cocktail coupe, top up with champagne and garnish with a mint leave. Let me tell you: you are so ready for New Year's Eve with this cocktail. Feliz año Nuevo!


Pornstar Martini

Did you know that the Pornstar Martini originally is a champagne cocktail? Nowadays we mostly drink the cocktail with a shot of prosecco or other sparkling wine on the side, but Douglas Ankrah first created it with champagne.

To create this vodka champagne cocktail, you only have to shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain in a pre-chilled martini glass. Cut a passionfruit in half so you can garnish this vodka champagne cocktail with a passionfruit and a sidekick of champagne! This cocktail will guarantee an amazing night, perfect for a new beginning in 2021.


Kir Royale

If the 2-ingredient champagne cocktail the Elderflower Royale got you excited, good news because we have another easy but delicious cocktail for you. The Kir Royale cocktail made with Bols Crème de Cassis liqueur and champagne is a classic fresh combination and is the fancy cocktail you want to drink this New Year’s Eve.

It is very easy to create this champagne cocktail as well: Build all ingredients in a champagne flute and garnish with a bramble on a toothpick. Are you ready for a fancy cocktail night?


Champagne Cocktail

We have to finish this year strong and so this blog. May we introduce you to the mother of all champagne cocktails: The Champagne Cocktail. This champagne cocktail recipe is the one you have been looking for: It is the perfect combination of champagne, angostura bitters, and a sugar cube.

To create this champagne cocktail, you have to put the sugar cube into a champagne flute and pour 3 dashes of angostura bitters on top. Muddle to break the sugar cubes but, be gentle. Add a part of the champagne and stir as long as the sugar starts dissolving. Now you can add the rest of the champagne and garnish with the oils of lemon zest. If this cocktail can’t get you to finish this year strong, you might have to drink just more than one.


We are convinced that these cocktails will get you through the end of 2020. We wish you all a happy ending of 2020 and an amazing 2021 where you can drink even more cocktails and maybe even start becoming a bartender yourself! Happy new year and Feliz año Nuevo (if you are drinking The Cuban cocktail)!

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