Master Bartender Course

This 2-day bartending course has been carefully designed to familiarize you in the world of international cocktail bartending. You will learn about advanced drink-making techniques, get an in-depth understanding of mixology, know what cocktail trends are happening around the world and how to create your own ingredients for signature cocktails.

The Master Bartender Course consists of 2 days at the Bols Bartending Academy where you’ll be able to step outside your comfort zone, experiment with new ingredients and learn how to present and create your own signature cocktails. To get the most out of this course, previous (cocktail) bartending experience is essential. 

Online bartending with E-Learning
The course is supported by a comprehensive e-learning platform, designed to offer you a complete learning experience. This online bartending platform includes your coursebook and interactive modules which you can study in your own pace. 

Master Bartender diploma
When you pass the 2 exams on your final day of the course, you will receive the Master Bartender diploma which serves as an outstanding qualification on your CV. This diploma is a great start to your international bartending career. 

  • Learn how to taste spirits like a true professional
  • Get to know the latest trends in cocktails and bartending
  • Learn how to create your own cocktail ingredients
  • Get expert knowledge on mixology and tea mixology
  • Be confident behind the bar with advanced drink-making techniques
  • Be confident in creating and presenting your own signature cocktail

Is your group bigger than twelve people and would you like to book a private bartending course? Do you want to book the course for your bar team or your students? Please send an email to with your request.



Master Bartender Course

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Become a true mixologist in this two-day course packed with knowledge.

This course is given on Tuesday and Wednesday from 08.45 till 17.00 and is part of our Complete Bartender package deal.

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Minimum age for entrance is 18 years. Courses are always in English. An advanced or intermediate level of English is required for the advanced bartending course.

Day 1

8.45 - 9.00

Arrival at the Bols Bartending Academy

9.00 - 17.00

Master Bartender Course, including lunch

Day 2

8.45 - 9.00

Arrival at the Bols Bartending Academy

9.00 - 17.00

Master Bartender Course, including lunch

17.00 - 18.00

Tour House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience + free cocktail


This course will be given by Tyron Francisca

Course modules

Advanced drink making techniques

A master bartender and mixologist is an expert in general drink making techniques used in internationally leading cocktail bars. During this bartending course you get to know the master bartending skills that will wow your guests in any high-end bar.


As one of the few bar schools the Bols Bartending Academy works with a state-of-the-art e-learning module. This online bartending course module provides you to study and refine your knowledge in your own time and space.

Advanced spirit tasting

To create amazing cocktails, a bartender needs to truly understand the products he or she works with. You will learn how to use the WSET systematic approach to spirit tasting and become an expert in professional spirit tasting.

Homemade ingredients

When creating signature cocktails, homemade ingredients can give a real personal touch to your creations. You will learn how to make different ingredients like syrups, shrubs, bitters and vermouths. You will be encouraged to get creative and step outside your comfort zone!

Bartender body language

Body language is a crucial part in communication behind the bar and during this module you will get a better understanding in how your body language can influence those around you. You can use this knowledge behind the bar interacting with guests and while you present your cocktails, for example during cocktail competitions. 

Advanced mixology

When creating your own signature cocktails, an in-depth knowledge of mixology can take your drinks to the next level. Why do certain flavours go well together? How to influence balance, synergy? How to incorporate tea mixology in your drink? Or how to influence all senses of your guests with your cocktails? 


Master Bartender Course

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