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Bols Red Light Negroni Multi

Our Bols Red Light Negroni cocktail has a perfect balance between the herbal orange flavour from Galliano L'Aperitivo liqueur and the malty finish from Bols Genever Original. A deliciously strong and complex cocktail for late-night sitdowns. 


This cocktail bottle contains 375ML, which serves 3 to 4 cocktails.

375ML - 21.9%

Red Light Negroni tasting notes

We add a little of our Amsterdam roots to the classic Italian Negroni cocktail. Bittersweet, complex and with a touch of Bols Original Genever this cocktail gets delicious malty, sweet, and fruity notes. This Bols Red Light Negroni is perfectly balanced and has a herbal orange flavour coming from the Galliano L'Aperitivo.

Create the cocktail

Create the cocktail

Bols Red Light Negroni

Cool - the cocktail bottle
Pour – the Bols Red Light Negroni into the glass
Garnish – with an orange zest on the rim of the glass

With our 375ML cocktail bottle, you make your cocktails magical. Pour 3 to 4 ready to enjoy Bols Red Light Negroni's in an instant, in rocks glasses over ice. This way your cocktails get the right temperature. Add a finishing touch by garnishing your Bols Red Light Negroni with an orange zest on the rim of the glass.

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