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Bols Red Light Negroni Multi

This cocktail is perfectly balanced between the botanicals from the Bols Genever with the malty, orange finish from the Galliano liqueur. 


This cocktail bottle contains 375ML which serves up 3 to 4 cocktails!

375ML - 21.9%

Experience the taste

Bittersweet and beautifully complex. This Negroni is lined with botanicals and orange, with a smooth malty finish. Those who have fallen victim to the charms of this true Italian staple know it’s all about the delicate balance of flavors. Amsterdam might have a slightly less subtle reputation, but its rough-edged beauty and cut-to-the-chase mentality are admired by people far and wide. Our Red Light Negroni is an ode to two cultures, a perfectly complex mix of bitter, malty, sweet and fruity notes.

Serving tips

Serving tips

Bols Red Light Negroni

1 Thumbler - Glass filled with ice

1 Pour – Bols Red Light Negroni

Orange zest – Add it on the rim

Our magical cocktail bottle of 375 ML contains 3 to 4 cocktails. By serving in a glass with ice, your Red Light Negroni will have the right temperature. The finishing touch with the orange zest will make the cocktail like served in a high end hotel bar.


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