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Bols Peach Liqueur with WooWoo cocktail
Bols Peach liqueur with Woowoo, Sex on the Beach, and Peach Tonic


Bols Peach

This fresh and vibrant Peach liqueur greets you with an overwhelming burst of sun-ripened peaches. It’s like biting into a ripe, juicy piece of fruit. Bols Peach liqueur has a clean transparent color and is made solely from the best natural ingredients. Bellini, anyone?

70CL - 17% Vol

Peach tasting notes

Did we mention the Bellini? This lovely aperitif is undoubtedly the most famous peach cocktail, but definitely not the only one that makes our Bols Peach liqueur shine. Try mixing it with some vodka and cranberry juice for an exciting Woo Woo, or simply enjoy with some soda water over ice!

Peach cocktail ideas

Woowoo cocktail made with Bols Peach Liqueur

Woo Woo

25ml Bols Peach
35ml Bols Vodka
Cranberry juice

How to make a Woo Woo
Pour the Bols Vodka and Bols Peach into a highball glass. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Top up the cocktail with cranberry juice and stir briefly. Garnish your Woo Woo with a lime wedge.

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