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Bols Melon

This emerald-green liqueur carries the taste of freshly sliced honeydew melon. Its palate releases crisp melon notes, with a pleasant sweetness and a wonderfully fruity finish. Celebrated by cocktail lovers all over the globe and amazing to create cocktails at home.

70CL - 17% Vol

Experience the taste

Bols Melon is the perfect base for a tropical twist on classics like a Sour or a Margarita. Gaining popularity during the height of the 70s disco boom, this fruity melon liqueur brings a certain festiveness to cocktails and mixers. But don’t underestimate the Bols Melon liqueur, it means business!

Mix it in a cocktail

Mix it in a cocktail

Melon Sour

60ml Bols Melon
30ml Fresh lemon juice
10ml Sugar syrup
15ml Egg white

How to make a Melon Sour
Shake all ingredients to emulsify the cocktail. Add ice and shake again to cool. Strain in a rocks glass filled with cubed ice. Garnish with a melon slice.


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