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Bols Margarita Azul Multi

One of the most famous cocktails made by Bols. By adding our signature Blue Curaçao liqueur, you can experience the Margarita Azul with even more aromatic oranges. 



This cocktail bottle contains 700ML which serves up 6 to 7 cocktails!

700ML - 14.9°

Experience the taste

Tangy, refreshing and blue as the day is long. Arguably one of the world’s most famous cocktails, found in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Our version is of the blue kind, and carries the taste of aromatic oranges. A little confusing, but don’t be fooled, this Margarita means business. It is made with our beloved Blue Curaçao, lime and a good splash of tequila. It is meant for sunny days with friends, music and a splash in the pool!

Serving tips

Serving tips

Bols Margarita Azul

1 Martini glass - Pre chilled glass

1 Pour – Bols Margarita Azul

Lime wheel – Add the lime wheel to the rim

Our magical cocktail bottle of 700ML contains 6 to 7 cocktails. By serving in a pre chilled glass, your Margarita Azul will stay cool longer. The finishing touch of adding the lime wheel to the rim will make it look like it's served in a high end cocktail bar. For the cocktail passionate, add salt to the rim for extra flavor sensation.


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