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Bols Elderflower liqueur with Elderflower Spritz
Bols Elderflower liqueur with Elderflower Spritz, Hugo Spritz, and Elderflower Tonic


Bols Elderflower

Bols Elderflower is a clear liqueur made from the honey-scented blossoms of the elder tree or Sambucus nigra. Fresh and floral, the liqueur is crafted with natural botanicals and forms a beautiful addition to summery cocktails and mixers to create at home.

70CL - 17% Vol

Elderflower tasting notes

With its floral and perfectly balanced palate, Bols Elderflower liqueur really comes to life in cocktails like the Elderflower Spritz or Elderflower Collins. Enjoy it with some tonic water and a generous amount of ice for a refreshing and simple mix. The liqueur owes its fragrant flavor to freshly cut Elderflowers, which bloom in early summer. An ode to the sunniest of seasons.

Elderflower cocktail ideas

Elderflower Spritz cocktail with Bols Elderflower

Elderflower Spritz

30ml Bols Elderflower
30ml Prosecco
30ml Soda water

How to make an Elderflower Spritz
Build in a coppa or wine glass over cubed ice. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Master Bartender tip: Add a mint sprig for a fresh touch.

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