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Bols Cacao White

This aromatic liqueur presents beautiful milk chocolate notes, with hints of vanilla and apricot. Distilled with natural ingredients only, Bols Cacao White liqueur has a slightly milder palate than its brown cacao sibling, making it a good subtle base for a varied range of cocktails to create at home.

70CL - 24% Vol

Experience the taste

Enjoy this liquid treat in creamy cocktails like the Golden Cadillac or Cherry Alexander. It works well in a mix with bitter lemon too. Made from high-quality cacao beans and a selection of botanicals, the Bols Cacao White liqueur lives up to its chocolaty promise! In need of a more intense chocolate flavour? Try Bols Cacao Brown.

Mix it in a cocktail

Mix it in a cocktail

Golden Cadillac

30ml Bols Cacao White
30ml Galliano L'Autentico
30ml Cream

How to make a Golden Cadillac
Shake all ingredients with ice. Fine strain in a pre-chilled martini glass and garnish with shaved chocolate or chocolate sprinkles.


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