(After) Dinner Cocktails

(After) Dinner Cocktails

An aperitif is a drink usually served to get that stomach going. Accompanied by some small canapes, your appetite will be stimulated so you will ready to dig in on the feast after. The best aperitif is usually dry, rather than sweet. Think about champagne, white wine or a dry cocktail like the Elderflower Spritz or try the refreshing Ginger Mule.

The word ‘aperitif’ is a French word derived from the Latin verb ‘aperire’, meaning ‘open’. Some sources say that the aperitifs have existed since at least the fifth century, but the real aperitif as we know it these days was introduced by Turin distiller Antonio Carpano who invented vermouth.

After dinner delight

Dinner is over and it’s time to sit back, relax and get that digestion going. This is the moment to bring out the digestifs. There are many styles of digestifs, but they are often characterized by a high alcohol content with a deep, rich flavor profile. It can be drunk next to dessert, instead of a dessert or even after a dessert. For example, it’s common to drink it next to your coffee, which some of us might love after a heavy meal. But why not mix your beloved coffee into a digestif and make a delicious Espresso Martini?

Invented by bartender Dick Bradsell, the Espresso Martini was designed to get a certain young supermodel up and running again. And the Espresso Martini sure does get you back up your feet! The delicious combination of Bols Coffee liqueur, Bols Vodka and freshly brewed espresso gives this cocktail a double kick. One from caffeine and the second from the vodka. These two powerhouses are joined in harmony by the Bols Coffee liqueur and sugar syrup. This makes the Espresso Martini an endless fascination cocktail and a perfect drink as a digestive.

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