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Cosmopolitan recipe

The Cosmopolitan became a real cocktail trend when it gained fame as the signature drink of Carrie and her friends in Sex and the City. The lovely pink color and the sweet taste mixed with just a touch of sour makes this cocktail a favorite for many women. Curious for the cocktail recipe? Everything you need to make the perfect Cosmo is right here on this page! If you want to make sure nothing goes wrong when preparing this cocktail, be sure to watch the short introduction movie. Enjoy!

Tip! You know you've made a good Cosmopolitan when the cocktail isn't too sweet or sour and has a light sour aftertaste.

Looking to make a real men's cocktail? Try the Old Fashioned. The cocktail for Don Draper from Mad Men.

What do you need for a Cosmopolitan?

The ingredients for this cocktail is default set for 2 persons. You can adjust this yourself

Ingredients for Cosmopolitan


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