How to stir a cocktail

How to stir a cocktail

Although you can also stir a built-up drink, "stirred" often refers to beverages that are stirred with ice in a Boston glass or shaker, before being served. Either, straight up (like a Martini) or on the rocks (like a Negroni). Follow this short step-by-step plan and watch the instructional video and you know exactly how you stir the best cocktails.

The reason why you would stir a cocktail instead of shaking it is that shaking often aerates the cocktail. This means that the texture of the liquids change and they often get a more "bubbly" feeling. Shaking also can create a nice foam layer on a cocktail, whereas with stirring all the liquids remain their soft character. Besides, stirring is better if you don't want your cocktail to be diluted too much. This is important for cocktails such as the Negroni.  

How to stir your cocktail

Step 1: Pour the ingredients into an ice-filled Boston glass, mixing jug or shaker, and stir (don't churn!) using a bar spoon for around 15 seconds or until optimal drink dilution is achieved. Stirring generally creates at least 10% dilution.

Step 2: Strain out using a strainer, either straight up or over fresh ice. Never re-use the ice you stirred with! 

Check our tutorial video and learn how to stir your cocktail correctly in no time!

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