How To Build A Cocktail

How To Build A Cocktail

Building is the most used (and probably most easy) technique when creating a cocktail. Building a cocktail is simply pouring it right into the glass or cup in which it will be served. Easy does it!

Think your favorite Gin & Tonic, a Woo Woo or a Bols Mule. You don't need any tools to build one of those delicious cocktails, so you can also easily build a cocktail at home. When building a cocktail, we advise starting with the ice, then second the liqueur or other spirits, and top of with the soda or juice that you use according to the recipe.  

Because you don't stir or shake the cocktails there is little dilution with built drinks. If you want to dilute your drink a bit more or to make sure all the ingredients are mixed properly, just give it a gentle stir.

Building a cocktail in 1, 2...

Step 1: Fill your glass with ice

Step 2: Pour the ingredients over the ice in the glass.

That's not difficult, right? For a full tutorial, check out the below video. Cheers!

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