The 6 best cocktail Christmas gifts

The 6 best cocktail Christmas gifts

Christmas is a holiday of gifts and celebration. What better gifts than gifts that can help you celebrate?! We have listed the 6 best Christmas gifts you can give to a bartender or anyone who loves cocktails.

Every celebration calls for cocktails and every holiday too! Christmas and New Year's Eve are the perfect occasions to celebrate with friends, family, and cocktails. Traditionally, Christmas is also about gifts. Do you have a cocktail lover in the family? Or a bartender as a friend? Check out the list below to see what gifts are perfect to surprise them with. And if your lucky, they immediately use their brand new cocktail gift to thank you with a delicious drink!

1. Bartender Tool Bag

For all of you who aren’t a bartender (yet), a complete tool bag is a great gift. The tool bag provides you with the most important tools you need to create cocktails at home, or to use them behind your bar. And the only doesn't only look nice, it's also very handy to carry around. This way you can create the best cocktails everywhere you want. A perfect gift for all cocktail lovers! Check it out here.

2. Meehan’s Bartender Manual by Jim Meehan

New York cocktail legend and judge at the Bols Around the World cocktail competition, Jim Meehan has published his second book in 2017. After the success of the PDT cocktail book, Jim wrote his bartender manual full of stories and recipes. A must-have for every professional- or home bartender.

3. Classy Oak Barrel

Looking for a unique gift for anyone who likes to experiment with flavours? A Classy Oak Barrel is what you are looking for. The oak barrel is used to "age" any type of spirit, giving the spirit a warm colour and smooth woody tones. Our favorite spirit to use is Genever. With a little bit of patience, your genever will taste even better than when you use is straight from the bottle. The Classy Oak Barrels are available in 2 liters or 5 liters.

4. (Personalized) Apron

Working behind a bar can be messy and bartenders like to look good. A personalized bartender apron will make sure bartenders stay clean and keep their good looks. There are many companies designing aprons nowadays. You can print your name, company, or even your face on it if you like. If you feel creative, you can make one your own. Everybody loves homemade gifts. Not that creative and just want an apron of your favorite spirit brand? Get it here!

5. Damrak Crate

Ride like a real Amsterdammer! This beautiful wooden Damrak crate is multifunctional but looks best on a bike to carry around groceries, bottles, or even your pet. If you don't want to use it on your bike, use it as a side table, footstool, flowerpot, or just as a nice decoration in your house. Buy it here.

6. Light Bulb Glasses

Looking for an original idea to serve your cocktail in? These Genever light bulbs add spark to your drinks. We love to use them for a Red Light Negroni, but these cool glasses will shine for every cocktail. The light bulb glasses are available in the regular version, or if you want to go for a more classier look you can take the crystal light bulbs.

And to know exactly how to serve your Red Light Negroni the best, check out the recipe below!

Red Light Negroni recipe

Combine the ingredients with ice in a mixing glass and stir well. Strain into a light bulb glass. Serve the light bulb next to a rocks glass filled with ice and garnish with an orange twist.

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