Bols Cocktail Cans - Ginger Mule 6-pack


Spicy, fresh and full of temperament. This Bols Ginger Mule made with is low in alcohol and ready to enjoy. Give him a copper mug and a clear starry sky, as this baby loves everything that shimmers. Finish your cocktail with some ice and a slice of lime. Order this pack of 6 Bols Ginger Mule cocktails now with free shipping and enjoy this spicy ready to drink cocktail in a few days. At home, all you have to do is cool and serve them. It doesn't get any easier! NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING IN THE NETHERLANDS!

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The Bols Ginger Mule is our twist on the standard Moscow Mule. The use of Bols Genever Original and ginger beer give this cocktail an even more exciting taste. The fresh and spicy notes of the ginger beer match perfectly with the grainy notes of the Bols Genever Original. A little bit of lime completes the cocktail to the fullest. The Bols Ginger Mule is an ideal cocktail during a barbecue or cocktail party at home or in the park and with these Bols Cans, it's even easier to serve them wherever you want!

Pour your Bols Ginger Mule into a stylish copper mug filled with ice and garnish with a slice of lime. Cheers!

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