Bols Cocktail Cans - Elderflower Spritz 6-pack


Sparkling, with a heart of spring blossom. This Bols Elderflower Spritz is delightfully fresh, low in alcohol and ready to enjoy. Slips easily into your bag or into your picnic basket. Serve in a wine glass full of ice. Top it off with some lime and your favorite flower. This package contains 6 cans of delicious ready to drink Bols Elderflower Spritz cocktails. Order them now with free shipping and enjoy tasty, fresh cocktails within a few days, which you only have to cool at home. Cheers! NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING IN THE NETHERLANDS!

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The Bols Elderflower Spritz is a delicious spring or summer cocktail with Bols Elderflower liqueur. This liqueur made from honey-scented elderflower and is a fresh and floral liqueur, made with only natural botanicals. Bols Elderflower has the perfect balance of sweetness, taste and alcohol content and mixed with prosecco and soda makes this the ideal cocktail as a refreshing drink on a sunny day or evening. And with the handy Bols Cans, this is ever easier!

Serve your Bols Elderflower Spritz in a wine or copa glass filled with ice. Garnish with a slice of lime and a floral flower and you are ready to enjoy!

Do you want to try more flavors? The Bols Ginger Mule is also available in handy cans. Do you prefer an all-in-one package with glasses? Then check out the Spring Try Out Pack with 3 cans of Elderflower Spritz, 3 cans of Ginger Mule and 2 coppa glasses.

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