Bols Cocktail Cans - Premium Spring Pack


This premium spring package contains everything you need to serve delicious cocktails, wherever you want! The ready to drink Bols Elderflower Spritz and Bols Ginger Mule are the perfect cocktails on a sunny spring or summer day in new handy cans. This way you can easily take your cocktails anywhere you want. Serve your Elderflower Spritz or Ginger Mule in the beautiful copper mugs and you are ready to enjoy! Not only is this package nice to treat yourself with, but it's also the perfect gift for family, friends or colleagues. This Premium Spring Pack contains: - 3 Bols Elderflower Spritz cocktails - 3 Bols Ginger Mule cocktails - 2 copper cocktail mugs Just cool the cocktails in the fridge and pour them into the mugs filled with ice. Garnish with a lime wedge. Cheers! NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING IN THE NETHERLANDS!

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The Bols Elderflower Spritz is a delicious spring or summer cocktail with Bols Elderflower liqueur. This liqueur mixed with prosecco and soda makes this the ideal cocktail for a sunny day or evening at home, in the park or wherever you want! 

Alternate with a Bols Ginger Mule for a spicy surprise. This cocktail with Bols Genever Original is full of temperament and is delicious to drink during the warm sunset hours on a summer evening. 

Figured out what your favorite flavour is? Order a 6-pack Bols Elderflower Spritz or a 6-pack Bols Ginger Mule here. This way you can enjoy the best ready to drink cocktails even longer!

Bols Cocktail Cans - Elderflower Spritz 6-pack


Bols Cocktail Cans - Ginger Mule 6-pack


Bols Cocktail Cans - Spring Try Out Pack


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