Wynand Fockink Old Fashioned


Brand new from the Wynand Fockink crew! The ready to drink, Limited Edition Old Fashioned cocktail. A premium cocktail, made of authentic and pure products, including the Wynand Fockink Superior 5 years aged genever. This ready to drink Old Fashioned has a malty, toasty flavour with hints of orange. The Old Fashioned is one of the most famous, notorious, loved cocktail recipes in the world. A balance of the right herbal and intense cocktail ingredients makes the perfect cocktail. Strong but not too strong, slightly sweet, somewhat bitter, and nice and cold. This Wynand Fockink Old Fashioned is ready to drink and after cooling in the fridge, you only have to serve it in a glass filled with ice. The bottle contains 500ml, so there is enough to have another or to share with friends.

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