Wynand Fockink Espresso Martini


One of the newest additions to the Wynand Fockink range and a Limited Edition. A premium, ready to drink Espresso Martini made with the best authentic and pure products. The Wynand Fockink Espresso Martini is a freshly made cocktail with a well-balanced coffee flavour. Perfect as an after dinner cocktail! The Espresso Martini is one of the most popular cocktails of this moment! And there is nothing better than a ready to drink version of your favorite cocktail, right? The combination of coffee liqueur, vodka en fresh cold brew espresso makes this the perfect after dinner cocktail with a double kick of both the vodka and the caffeine. Just cool the ready to drink Espresso Martini in the fridge and serve your cocktail over ice in a rocks glass. Want to have another? No worries! The bottle contains 500ml so there is enough for 5-6 serves. Cheers!

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