Bols Watermelon


Bols Watermelon is a true watermelon liqueur with a fruity, sweet and juicy flavor and a slight hint of marzipan. This watermelon liqueur has a deliciously refreshing, well-balanced taste with a surprising, long finish. With its warm red and slightly pink color and its distinctive, mouth-watering fragrance, it is diverse in its application. Bols Watermelon is crafted by our Master Distiller with only natural botanicals.

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The mature and versatile flavor is perfect for some outstanding fresh and fruity summer cocktails with tropical fruit. For example an easy mix of Bols Watermelon and bitter lemon

The Watermelon liqueur is perfect for cocktails such as the Ginger Melon or the Watermelon Margarita. Have you tried these delicious cocktails with our recipes yet? You can find the recipes with tropical fruit at the Bols Cocktail Recipe page!


Juicy watermelon with a slight hint of marzipan


Fruity watermelon






Slightly pinkish red

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