Bols Pink Grapefruit


Bols is famous for its citrus liqueurs, such as Triple Sec and Bols Blue. To extend this excellent citrus range with a new bestseller, we have developed a Pink Grapefruit Liqueur. A fresh Pink Grapefruit flavor with a bitter, sweet and sour bite.

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Bols Pink Grapefruit liqueur is crafted with natural botanicals and uses distilled grapefruit peels to achieve the fresh smell and bitter- sour taste of a pink grapefruit. To add authenticity and naturalness we distille the fruit itself too.

The Pink Grapefruit originates from Jamaica where various citrus fruits were cross pollinated and grown as decorative plants, only in the late 19th century the Pink Grapefruit became popular for consumption.

This grapefruit liqueur is delicious in cocktails like the Hemingway Daiquiri and the Verano.

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Fresh pink grapefruit with a bitter, sweet and sour bite


Fresh pink grapefruit with citrus






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