Bols Cherry Brandy


Bols Cherry Brandy is a deep red cherry liqueur using fresh cherries from Eastern Europe. Here drinking cherry brandy is still a long-lasting tradition. Bols Cherry Brandy is crafted by our Master Distiller using only natural botanicals.

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The cherry's stone, its kernel, is crushed and gives this cherry liqueur a faint amaretto flavour next to the full cherry flavour. Extracts of various selected herbs and spices make Bols Cherry Brandy a well-balanced cherry liqueur.

The most famous cocktail with Bols Cherry Brandy is the Singapore Sling. This classic cocktail invented in Raffles Hotel, in Singapore, in 1915. Next to the Singapore Sling, this cherry liqueur works perfectly in a Cherry Sour or Blood and Sand cocktail.


Full cherry flavour with a slight almond taste


Cherry with a hint of the kernel






Deep red

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