Bols Blue Curaçao


Bols Blue Curacao is the original and the world's best-selling Blue Curacao liqueur. The color of this blue liqueur might distract you, but Bols Blue Curacao tastes like fresh oranges. This blue liqueur adds a sparkling blue color, a powerful orange flavor and a super unique aftertaste to any cocktail. Bols Blue Curacao is crafted with only natural botanicals.

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Known in the previous century as "Crème de Ciel", Bols Blue Curaçao is one of the oldest flavours in the modern Bols liqueur range.  

The Bols Blue Curacao liqueur is not only a great substitute for the Triple Sec liqueur, but also in cocktails like the Margarita Azul and the Blue Hawaii is this liqueur essential. The Blue Curacao is also delicious in a mixed drink with soda or orange juice. Take a look at our Cocktail Recipes page and discover which cocktail is your favorite! 


Orange flavour with a unique finish


Fresh mandarine-like scent






Deep blue

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