Bols Watermelon

Bols Watermelon


Juicy watermelon with a slight hint of marzipan


Fruity-real watermelon


Slightly pinkish red




17 %



Within 48 hours

Bols Watermelon Description

Bols Watermelon is a true watermelon liqueur with a fruity, sweet and juicy flavor and a slight hint of marzipan.

It has a deliciously refreshing, well balanced taste with a surprising, long finish. With its warm red and slightly pink color and its distinctive, mouth-watering fragrance, it is diverse in its application. The mature and versatile flavor is perfect for some outstanding fresh and fruity summer cocktails.

Cocktails withBols Watermelon

Watermelon Cosmo

  • 30mlBols Watermelon
  • 30mlBols Vodka
  • 30mlCranberry juice
  • 2itemSqueezed Lime wedges

Watermelon Martini

  • 25mlBols Watermelon
  • 45mlBols Genever 21
  • 15mlFresh lemon juice
  • 10mlSugar syrup(2:1)

Watermelon & Bitter Lemon

  • 45mlBols Watermelon
  • mlTop up with Bitter Lemon

Cape Town Cooler

  • 25mlBols Watermelon
  • 10mlBols Sour Apple
  • 25mlBols Genever
  • 40mlApple juice
  • 1barspoonSugar syrup
  • 2itemSqueezed Lime wedges

Watermelon Old Fashioned

  • 25mlBols Watermelon
  • 60mlBols Vodka
  • 10mlSugar syrup
  • 2itemSquezed Lime wedges
  • 2dashAngostura bitters
  • 2dashOrange bitters

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