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Bols Strawberry


Sun-ripened strawberries with a hint of citrus


Unmistakably strawberry


Striking red




17 %



Within 48 hours

Bols Strawberry Description

Bols Strawberry is a rich, striking red liqueur, expressing a powerful but not over sweet strawberry flavor, edged with a slight citrus tang.

Unbelievable as it sounds, the vast majority of cocktail bars had no strawberry liqueurs until, bartenders were forced to resort to use poor quality syrups and premixes. With the launch of Bols Strawberry, which contains fresh strawberry juice, bartenders finally had a real strawberry liqueur to add to their drinks.

Strawberry, like raspberry, is a very popular, modern cocktail flavor, featuring mostly in strawberry versions of the Margarita, Martini and the Daiquiri.

Cocktails withBols Strawberry

Vanillaberry Crush

  • 30mlBols Genever 21
  • 15mlBols Strawberry
  • 1dashBols Vanilla
  • item8 Lemon triangles
  • item3 Strawberries
  • 2barspoonCane sugar

Strawberry Cheesecake

  • 50mlBols Natural Yoghurt
  • 15mlBols Strawberry
  • 15mlFresh Lemon Juice

Strawberry Mojito

  • 30mlWhite Rum
  • 15mlBols Strawberry
  • 25mlFresh Lime JuIce
  • 15mlSugar Syrup
  • 3itemfresh strabwerries
  • 8itemmint leaves
  • itemTop with Soda water

Strawberry Daiquiri

  • 15mlBols Strawberry
  • 40mlwhite Rum
  • 25mlfresh Lime juice
  • 10mlSugar syrup
  • 3itemStrawberries

Strawberry 'n Balsamic Martini

  • 45mlBols Genever 21
  • 15mlBols Strawberry
  • 15mlFresh Lemon juice
  • 5mlSugar syrup
  • 2barspoonBalsamic vinegar
  • 3itemStrawberries

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