Bols Sloe Gin

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Bols Sloe Gin


Full flavoured - tangy and sweet - sloe berry juice


Ripe sloe berries


Warm red-purple




33 %



Within 48 hours

Bols Sloe Gin Description

Bols Sloe Gin is a Lucas Bols classic, preferred by professional bartenders from all over the world for more than a century.

Despite the name, Sloe Gin isn't actually a gin. It's a renowned cocktail liqueur made with fresh sloe berries. Light red in color, Bols Sloe Gin has the full flavor of ripe sloe berries from the blackthorn bush, with the Bols signature touch of freshly-squeezed juice for a superior mouth feel. Bols Sloe Gin has an alcohol strength of 33%, anchoring its place on the back bar of discerning cocktail bars as the authentic, full-strength sloe liqueur.

Cocktails withBols Sloe Gin

Alabama Slammer

  • 15mlBols Amaretto
  • 15mlBols Sloe Gin
  • 30mlSouthern Comfort
  • 60mlFresh Orange juice
  • 30mlFresh Lemon juice
  • 5mlSugar syrup

Sloe Gin & Ginger Ale

  • 45mlBols Sloe Gin
  • mlTop up with Ginger Ale

Sloe Gin Fizz

  • 45mlBols Sloe Gin
  • 45mlDamrak Gin
  • 30mlFresh Lemon juice
  • 15mlSugar syrup
  • mlTop up with Soda water

The Blackthorn

  • 40mlBols Sloe Gin
  • 30mlDamrak Gin
  • 25mlSweet Red Vermouth

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