Bols Passion Fruit

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Bols Passion Fruit


Passion fruit with undertones of vanilla.


Tropical-aroma of fresh passion fruit juice.


Bright orange




17 %



Within 48 hours

Bols Passion Fruit Description

Bols Passion Fruit is an orange coloured liqueur with the fruity taste of the ever so popular passion fruit backed up by vanilla, lychee and peach. The amazingly fresh mouthfeel of this liqueur is also due to the presence of fresh passion fruit juice.

Passion fruit liqueurs (sometimes also known as maracuja liqueurs, the Portuguese name for passion fruit) are relatively new to the drinks world. However, Bols Passion Fruit served long with orange juice is an extremely popular long drink, and passion fruit substitutes wonderfully into cocktails based on citrus and forest fruits. One of the most popular Bols Passion Fruit cocktails is the Pornstar Martini.

Cocktails withBols Passion Fruit

Old Spiced

  • 45mlBols Barrel Aged Genever
  • 15mlBols Passion fruit
  • 15mlFresh Lemon juice
  • 5mlSugar syrup
  • 2itemsmall slices of Chili Pepper
  • mlTop up with Ginger Beer

Passion Fruit Collins

  • 30mlBols Passionfruit
  • 30mlBols Genever
  • 30mlFresh Lemon Juice
  • mlTop up With Soda Water


  • 30mlBols Passion fruit
  • 30mlBols Triple Sec
  • 15mlfresh Lime juice
  • 30mlOrange juice


  • 30mlBols Passion fruit
  • 45mlBols Vodka
  • 30mlOrange juice
  • 15mlFresh lemon juice
  • 1itemPassion fruit
  • mlTop up with Ginger Ale

Tango Martini

  • 30mlBols Passion Fruit
  • 15mlBols Triple Sec
  • 30mlDamrak Gin
  • 30mlGrapefruit juice
  • 15mlFresh lemon juice
  • 1barspoonSugar syrup (2:1)

Passion Gone Sour (Passion Fruit Sour)

  • 60mlBols Passion Fruit
  • 30mlFresh Lemon Juice
  • 15mlSugar Syrup
  • 15mlEgg white
  • itemHalf Passion Fruit

Mango Passion

  • 30mlBols Passionfruit
  • 30mlBols Mango
  • Top up with Orange juice

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