Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur

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Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur


Smooth and silky natural yoghurt flavour


Unmistakably yoghurt


Creamy white




15 %



Within 48 hours

Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur Description

Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur is a delicious liqueur made from natural ingredients. The versatility of Bols Natural Yoghurt enables you to create a wide range of cocktails and drinks.

Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur is a delicious liqueur made from natural ingredients only, with no added colorants, and it has an ABV of 15%. It can be served neat or on the rocks, and mixes perfectly with fresh fruits, fruit juices, soft drinks and other Bols liqueurs. Made from high-quality fresh yoghurt, Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur has a unique sweet and sour taste and a natural, smooth flavor.

The bottle has been designed with a special coating to ensure that the product remains in optimum condition. A delicious cocktail with this innovative liqueur is Strawberry Delight, which is made with fresh strawberries, Bols Natural Yoghurt and Bols Strawberry.

Cocktails withBols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur

Strawberry Cheesecake

  • 50mlBols Natural Yoghurt
  • 15mlBols Strawberry
  • 15mlFresh Lemon Juice

Bols Sensation

  • 45mlBols Natural Yoghurt
  • 15mlBols Blueberry
  • mlTop up 7 Up


  • 45mlBols Natural Yoghurt
  • mlTop up with Orange juice


  • 25mlBols Coffee
  • 25mlBols Cacao Brown
  • 45mlBols Natural Yoghurt

Honey Toblerone

  • 20mlBols Natural Yoghurt
  • 20mlBols Cacao Brown
  • 20mlBols Honey
  • 20mlHazelnut liqueur
  • 4dashAngostura bitters

El Dorado

  • 30mlBols Natural Yoghurt
  • 30mlaged Rum
  • 15mlPedro Ximenez sherry
  • 2dashAngostura bitters

Bols Bananza

  • 25mlBols Banana
  • 45mlBols Natural Yoghurt
  • 25mlBols Butterscotch
  • ml1 Star Anise

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