Bols Maraschino

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Bols Maraschino


Candied cherries-almond and rose petal undertones.


Intense and aromatic fragrance.






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Bols Maraschino Description

Bols Maraschino is a clear cherry flavoured liqueur with the powerful taste of fresh cherries from Dalmatia in Croatia, edged with hints of rose petal, and containing real, fresh cherry juice for an overwhelming mouthfeel.

The name Maraschino is derived from the Marasca cherry, grown in cherry orchards in this area.Maraschino is one of the ancient, classic liqueurs mentioned in every significant book on cocktails from Jerry Thomas 1862 "The Bartender's Guide" right up to today's publications. According to Thomas, dashes of Maraschino were used in ancient versions of everything from the Manhattan to the Whiskey Cobbler. A dash of Maraschino makes the perfect daiquiri, as confirmed by daiquiri-making legend Constantino Ribalaigua of La Floridita in Cuba, reputed to have made over a million of those drinks in his lifetime. Maraschino featured heavily in the pousse-café recipes of the late 1800s, and has remained in favour with bartenders over the years.

Cocktails withBols Maraschino

The Holland House

  • 25mlBols Genever
  • 25mlBols Maraschino
  • 25mlDry Vermouth
  • 25mlFresh Lemon juice

The Flying Dutchman

  • 35mlBols Genever
  • 20mlBols Maraschino
  • 10mlBols Parfait Amour
  • 20mlFresh Lemon juice

Maraschino & Cranberry Juice

  • 45mlBols Maraschino
  • mlTop up with Cranberry juice

Flower Hour

  • 1barspoonBols Maraschino
  • 30mlBols Elderflower
  • barspoon1 Lemon wedge
  • item1 Fresh Strawberry
  • item1 Mandarin wedge
  • 30mlDry White wine

Vito Collins

  • 15mlBols Maraschino
  • 30mlDamrak Gin
  • 30mlfresh Lemon juice
  • 10mlsugar syrup
  • mlTop up with Soda


  • 15mlBols Kirsch
  • 15mlBols Maraschino
  • 15mlBols Dry Orange
  • 15mlDamrak Gin
  • 15mlDry Vermouth
  • 15mlSweet Vermouth

White Mud and Sand

  • 25mlBols Barrel Aged Genever
  • 25mlBols Maraschino
  • 25mlDry Vermouth
  • 25mlPineapple juice

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