Bols Sour Apple

Bols Sour Apple







Bols Sour Apple Description

Bols Sour Apple is a crispy tangy liqueur with the full taste of fresh green apples underpinned by subtle flavours of woody cinnamon and cooking apple, all wrapped in a delicious balance of sweet and sour.

Cocktails withBols Sour Apple

Apple and Cream

Apple and Cream

  • 30mlBols Natural Yoghurt
  • 30mlBols Sour Apple
  • 15mlfresh Lemon juice
Adam's Apple

Adam's Apple

  • 45mlBols Genever 21
  • 15 mlBols Sour Apple
  • 10mlBols Grenadine syrup
  • 60mlApple juice
  • 10mlFresh lime juice
Apple Crumble Martini

Apple Crumble Martini

  • 15mlBols Butterscotch
  • 45mlBlended Scotch whisky
  • 25mlApple juice
  • 10mlSugar syrup