Bols Honey

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Bols Honey


Buttery vanilla sweetness and floral notes with hints of toffee and butterscotch


Floral and sweet smell, hints of orange and toasted almond


Amber with a copper tinge




17 %



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Bols Honey Description

Bols Honey is a delicious amber colored liqueur with the real flavor of blossom honey underpinned by light floral notes and a hint of toffee. Honey is a natural source of sweetness that has been used for thousands of years. It is a natural flavor used in traditional recipes in almost every culture since the civilizations of the Romans and Mayans to modern cuisine, gastronomy and today, cocktail culture. 

Cocktails withBols Honey

Honey Collins

  • 15mlBols Honey
  • 45mlBols Genever
  • 30mlLemon juice
  • Top up with soda

Mint 'n Honey

  • 30mlBols Honey
  • 30mlBols Genever 21
  • 15mlLime juice
  • Top up with ginger ale
  • item6 Fresh mint leaves

High Five

  • 20mlBols Honey
  • 30mlAged Rum
  • 15mlFresh Lime juice
  • 4-5itemMint leaves

Honey Mojito

  • 30mlBols Honey
  • 30mlWhite rum
  • 15mlFresh Lime juice
  • 10-12itemMint leaves
  • mlTop up with soda

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