Bols Cacao Brown

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Bols Cacao Brown


Rich flavour of bitter, dark chocolate and hints of orange and vanilla




Dark brown chocolate




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Bols Cacao Brown Description

Bols Cacao Brown is a dark liqueur packed with the rich flavour of bitter, dark chocolate and hints of orange and vanilla.

Because the cacao (chocolate) flavour comes from the percolation of cacao beans, Bols Cacao Brown tastes more like dark chocolate than the distilled-not-percolated Bols Cacao White, which tastes more like milk chocolate.

Cacao liqueur has been around for a very long time, and Bols has always been the predominant brand, featuring in both the original Alexander cocktail and the wildly popular variant, the Brandy Alexander. In the 80s, Bols Crème de Cacao was used principally in creamy and ice cream drinks, but lately it has proved supremely adaptable to various after-dinner cocktails like the Mulata Daiquiri and After Eight cocktail.

Cocktails withBols Cacao Brown

Mulata Daiquiri

  • 15mlBols Cacao Brown
  • 45mlAged Rum
  • 15mlfresh Lime juice
  • 7.5mlSugar syrup

Honey Toblerone

  • 20mlBols Natural Yoghurt
  • 20mlBols Cacao Brown
  • 20mlBols Honey
  • 20mlHazelnut liqueur
  • 4dashAngostura bitters

After Eight

  • 10mlBols Cacao Brown
  • 10mlBols Peppermint Green
  • 10mlBols Vodka

Rumpty Dumpty

  • 30mlBols Cacao Brown
  • 30mlBols Yoghurt
  • 30mlWhite Rum
  • 7.5mlSugar syrup
  • 2itemOrange zests


  • 25mlBols Coffee
  • 25mlBols Cacao Brown
  • 45mlBols Natural Yoghurt

Chocolate Hardshake

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