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Cocktail Tubes: Martini Gift pack

Two of the most famous cocktails, ready to enjoy in one beautiful gift pack! The Bols Espresso Martini is rich and creamy and a perfect after-dinner cocktail. Bols Pornstar Martini is a fruity and exotic cocktail that lightens op every evening. Just cool, shake, and pour straight from our revolutionary cocktail tubes. The perfect gift for those who love a good party, all night long.


This product contains 4 Tubes of each 200ML, serving 1 to 2 cocktails each. 2 Tubes Espresso Martini and 2 Tubes Pornstar Martini.

200ML - 14.9%

Experience the taste

Bols Espresso Martini:
The delicious fusion of Bols Coffee liqueur, Bols Vodka, and freshly brewed espresso provides this classic cocktail a double kick. One from the caffeine and another from the vodka.

Bols Pornstar Martini:
The soft and gentle of the vanilla with the sweet character of the passion fruit makes this a well-balanced cocktail. One you can enjoy all night long.

Create the cocktails

Create the cocktails

Bols Espresso Martini

Cool - the cocktail tube and a martini glass
Shake - the chilled cocktail tube
Pour – the Bols Espresso Martini into the glass
Garnish – with 3 coffee beans on the foam

Our magical cocktail Tubes of 200 ML contains 1 to 2 cocktails. Before each pour, give it a good shake to add that delicious foam on top. Finish in style with the beans

Bols Pornstar Martini

Cool - the cocktail tube and a martini glass
Pour – the Bols Pornstar Martini into the glass
Garnish – with half a passion fruit

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