Bar Event Calendar

The global bar scene is moving fast. Trade shows and bar events are the perfect place to catch up with the latest bar trends and to gain industry insights. Here's a few bar events we think you should check out. Cheers Team Bols

January 2017

San Antonio Cocktail Conference
When:       January 11-15
Where:      San Antonio, USA

Paris Cocktail Week
When:       January 21-28
Where:      Paris, France

February 2017

For the Love of Cocktails
When:       February 9-11
Where:      Las Vegas, USA

Arizona Cocktail Week

When:       February 17-24
Where:      Arizona, USA

Madison Cocktail Week

When:       February 18-21
Where:      Winsconsin, USA

March 2017

American Craft Distillers Convention
When:       March 16-17
Where:      Chicago, USA

Amsterdam Cocktail Week
When:       March 6-12
Where:     Amsterdam, Netherlands

Singapore Cocktail Festival
When:       March 16-21
Where:     Singapore

Baltimore Cocktail Week
When:       March 
Where:      Baltimore, USA

April 2017

Tales of the Cocktail Edinburgh
When:       April 2-4
Where:      Edinburgh, UK

Craft Spirits Conference

When:       March 7-9
Where:     San Diego, USA

Rum Renaissance
When:       April 15-16 
Where:      Miami, USA

May 2017

Boutique Barshow
Where:      Manchester, UK

Rochester Cocktail Revival
Where:      New York, USA

Lisbon Barshow
When:       May 16-17
Where:     Lisbon, Portugal

Tokyo Barshow

When:       May
Where:      Tokyo, Japan

Perfect Serve Barshow
When:       May 22-23
Where:      Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 2017

New England Cocktail Conference
When:       June 2-5
Where:      Portland, USA

New Mexico Cocktails & Culture

When:       June 2-4
Where:      Santa Fe, USA

When:       June 8-12
Where:      Ft. Lauderdale, USA

Cocktails & Spirits Show
When:       June
Where:      Paris, France

July 2017

Imbibe Live
When:       July 3-4
Where:      London, UK

Tales of the Cocktail
When:       July 19-24
Where:      New Orleans, USA

August 2017

Texas Tiki Week
When:       August
Where:      Austin, USA

Top Shelf Show
When:       August
Where:      Melbourne, Australia

Craft Spirits Carnival

When:       August
Where:      San Francisco, USA

Barra Mexico
When:       August
Where:      San Francisco, USA

San Diego Spirits Festival
When:       August 21-22
Where:      Mexico City, Mexico

September 2017

Restaurant & Bar Expo  
When:       September 5-7
Where:      Hong Kong, HK

Moscow Barshow
When:       September
Where:      Moscow, Russia

California Rum Fest
When:       September 8
Where:      San Francisco, USA

Milwaukee Cocktail Week

When:       September 
Where:      Milwaukee, USA

Sydney Bar Week
When:       September 16-19
Where:      Sydney, Australia

October 2017

London Cocktail Week
When:       October 
Where:      London, UK

Art of the Cocktail
When:       October
Where:      Calgary, Canada

Berlin Bar Convent
When:       October 11-12
Where:      Berlin, Germany

Cocktails & Spirits
When:       October 
Where:      Hong Kong, HK


Athens Bar Show
When:       November 7-8
Where:      Athens, Greece