Wedding Party

Home bartending19 December 2016Tyron Francisca

Wedding Party

Kir Royale

On your wedding day, you should be king and queen of the day. It is all about you and your happiness. A day you will always remember, and a day that everybody wants to remember. Such a day asks for a festive drink, that is easy to make for a large group of people. We present you, the Kir Royale! The perfect marriage between champagne and Bols Crème de Cassis.

The Drink

Felix Kir was the mayor of Dijon and a pioneer in the twinning movement after the second World War. The twinning movement intended to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures and cities. Some of the cities that were twinned after the Second World War are still ‘married’ today. He offered white wine with crème de cassis at receptions to visiting delegations. It was then that people started calling the drink the ‘Kir’. When they changed the white wine for champagne it became the ‘Kir Royale’.
A drink designed to make cities and nations come together, is the perfect drink to serve at a party where two people come together. It is easy to make, and great to serve!


  • 15 ml (0,5oz) Bols Crème de Cassis
  • Top up with Champagne Brut
  • Garnish: None
  • Method: Build the ingredients in a champagne flute.
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Tyron Francisca

Tyron Francisca

Tyron is de senior trainer van de Bols Academy. Hij houdt van jenever en brandy en kan iedere vraag hierover beantwoorden.

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