Tropical Tiki Party

Tropical Tiki Party

Mai Tai

Iron you Hawaii shirt, get your flip flops out and put on some sunscreen because tonight we are going to Tiki!! There is no better drink to enjoy at a tropical summers day, then a Tiki cocktail. And what better Tiki cocktail to drink then the Mai Tai, the grandmother of Tiki drinks! Most likely first made by Trader Vic in his Oakland restaurant in 1944. A classic drink made with a classic spirit, Bols Genever Barrel Aged

The Drink 

Picture yourself on a beach in the Caribbean. The sun is out there, your feet are in the sand, people are cheerful and you are drinking the best tropical cocktail you can think of. That is the feeling you want to have when you organize your own tropical Tiki party! There is only one drink you really need to serve then, and that is the classic Mai Tai. THE drink bartenders think of when you talk Tiki. The Tiki cocktail tradition started in 1933 when Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt opened his restaurant ‘Don the Beachbomber’. Both he and Victor J. Bergeron of Trader Vic in Oakland claim to have made the first Mai Tai. We won’t take sides, as long as our Mai Tai is made with Bols Genever Barrel Aged!



45 ml (1,5oz) Bols Genever Barrel Aged

25 ml (0,75oz) Bols Dry Orange

25 ml (0,75oz) Lime Juice

10  ml (0,25oz) Orgeat Syrup


Garnish: Lime shell and Mint sprig

Method: Shake all ingredients and strain over crushed ice in a tiki glass


gelieve te delen als je het leuk vond!

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